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Tax Return Services In Glenroy

Face to Face & Remote Services


Whether you wish to consult with us as an individual, sole trader or as a business owner, our firm in Glenroy is able to help across a broad scope of taxation services

Virtual Meeting

We helped individuals and businesses in Melbourne with the most professional standard of tax return services available.


At Core Tax & Accounting, we pay mind to carefully understand the financial objectives kept by our clients. We work with both individuals and business owners to help them understand and lodge their annual tax requirements easily and confidently. For some of our clients, this presents an opportunity for them to gain a better understanding of their budgeting. For others, it may even present the chance to maximise their tax return for the financial year.


Our office is based in Glenroy, and we have helped plenty of individuals and businesses in Melbourne with the most professional standard of bookkeeping available. Regardless of where you stand with your personal or business finances, our team of accountants in Glenroy is always ready to support your needs. Among similar services, our firm is also able to assist you with.


Core Tax & Accounting is ready to help your business with:
- Preparing and lodging Business Activity Statements (BAS)
- Preparing and lodging Income Tax
- Compliance and planning for Goods and Services Tax
- Setting up Company & Trusts
- Calculating your Capital Gains Tax liability, to name just some examples.

How Our Tax Accountant Can Help Your Business


Besides helping you process your annual tax returns, our professional advice and services are also tax-deductible. Keeping a trusted team of accountants who understands your financial goals can be invaluable for your business, especially when it comes to preparing financial documentation such as annual income statements. We also work with professionals and sole traders and can help you file your online tax return.


While the ATO makes online tax return lodgement possible via MyTax or MyGov, plenty of our clients have found it beneficial to save time by getting our help and advice with this annual process. If you ever need to consult with us on matters to do with your MyTax or MyGov account, know that we are always ready to assist you.

Why Core Tax & Accounting?

Core Tax & Accounting brings years of expertise and experience to assist its clients in all matters to do with their bookkeeping. Our tax accountants are based in Glenroy, but we would be just as happy to consult with you over the phone or online. Although we have helped plenty of individuals and businesses in Glenroy with all matters of their bookkeeping, we would be just as ready to assist you no matter where you may be located in Melbourne, Victoria.

At the Office

Speak to One of Our Accountants

Our firm operates out of our premises in Glenroy but is ready to consult with you over the phone or online, depending on what suits you best. Regardless of your preferred mode for consultation, we always do our best to meticulously understand our clients' financial objectives. This, in turn, allows us to make accurate recommendations and provide only the most effective solutions to help you achieve your goals.

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